In early 2016, CRA updated the “My Account” online service (intended for the individual taxpayer’s exclusive use). This service allows individuals to:

  • view CRA correspondence, assessments, and balances;
  • view some income slips for the current and previous years (T4, T5, T3, etc.);
  • view certain personal limits like RRSP and TFSA contribution room available;
  • change CRA correspondence options to emails rather than paper letters;
  • change or adjust returns;
  • change address and phone number(s);
  • change marital status;
  • apply for child benefits;
  • submit documents if requested by CRA;
  • arrange to receive amounts by direct deposit;
  • pay by pre-authorized debit;
  • authorize a representative;
  • print a proof of income statement(this looks much like the historical Notice of Assessment);
  • request a remittance voucher; and,
  • register a formal dispute.

To sign up, go to, and click on “CRA register”. Individuals will need to enter personal information along with some details from their last Notice of Assessment. It is also important to note that if registered to received personal correspondence and notifications from CRA via email, the taxpayer must be signed up for My Account to view the full message.


Action Item: Consider signing up for this service to view timely updates and information from CRA.

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