Who is it?: CRA OR SCAMMER

Most, if not all of us, have received
a call from someone claiming to
be from CRA. They may threaten
arrest or other such actions if a tax
bill is not immediately paid via
iTunes or Bitcoin, for example.
While some of these calls have
become easier to identify as
fraudulent, scamming techniques
and systems constantly evolve.

On May 26, 2021, CRA released a Tax Tip which discussed
why a taxpayer might be contacted by CRA, when to be
suspicious, and how to report potential scams.
Some signs indicating that the caller may be a scammer
–  they do not provide proof of CRA employment (such
as a name and an office location);
– they pressure you to act immediately;
– they ask you to pay with gift cards, cryptocurrency or
some other unusual manner;
– they ask for information not normally included on
your tax return or not related to amounts owed CRA,
such as a credit card number; and
– they recommend you apply for benefits and ask for
related information.
To verify a caller is a CRA employee, CRA recommends that
an individual:
– tell the caller that they first want to verify their identity;
– ask for, and note the caller’s name, phone number, and
office location;
– call the CRA phone number from the official CRA
website to confirm that the call was legitimate; and
– call the CRA employee back.

To report a scam, go to antifraudcentre.ca or call 1-888-495-

Follow these instructions if you suspect a
call is from a fraudster or scammer. Give us a call if you
are uncertain how to respond to a call from CRA,
whether or not it sounds legitimate.

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